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About Daily Sun:

Daily Sun is the biggest daily newspaper in South Africa.

It targets readers in and around the major urban centres. Most readers are black, English – literate with high – school or further education, we also have working-class earners – they are the economic core of South Africa.

The newspaper is known for the horrific stories it publishes daily and is often criticized for its heavy reporting of tikoloshe stories.

Daily Sun’s unique selling point has always been to understand what readers want. We are the producers of unique content that’s relevant to black working class South Africans. We unashamedly give our readers a daily newspaper that they want to read, a paper that’s about them, about their lives and their aspirations

History of Daily Sun:

The Daily Sun, South Africa’s largest and loudest daily newspaper, was launched on 1 July 2002.

The newspaper is based at Media Park in Auckland Park, Johannesburg- but is printed countrywide. It is now overseen by Publisher Jeremy Gordin, who took up the role in 2013.

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