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About The Sunday Independent:

The Sunday Independent is a weekly English-language newspaper owned by Independent News & Media and published in South Africa.

The Sunday Independent newspaper is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a national weekly product edited by Moshoeshoe Monare. This blog presents some of the content engaging with South African literature which appears in the paper’s Books’ Page  – Page 18 in Dispatches.

Mary Corrigall is the Books Editor. She is also the senior feature writer and cultural critic for the newspaper.

Distribution figures:
October – December 12: 35 263
July – September 12: 35 033
April – June 12: 35 874
January – March 12:
36 785

Readership figures:
January 12 – December 12: 81 000
July 11 – June 12: 67 000

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