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About Cape Times:

The Cape Times is an English-language morning newspaper owned by Independent News & Media and published in Cape Town, South Africa.

As of 2012 the newspaper had a daily readership of 261 000 and a circulation of 34 523.

The Cape Times had its origins in the great economic and social boom years that followed the Cape’s attainment of “Responsible Government” in 1872. The first edition of the newspaper was published on 27 March 1876 by then editor Frederick York St Leger. It was the first daily paper in southern Africa, and soon became one of the principal newspapers of the Cape. Modelled on The Times, its primary target was the poor working class, as it attempted to expose early government corruption.

Readership figures:
Estimates of readership are maintained by the SAARF with 95% confidence intervals of about 15%. Within the estimated error readership has remained constant since 2009. Methodological changes introduced in 2009 by SAARF make comparison to previous years difficult.

Letters to the Editor
The Editor, Cape Times, Box 11, Cape Town 8000. Fax: (021) 488 4744, or e-mail: Please restrict letters to fewer than 300 words. We reserve the right to edit and only letters providing a physical address and telephone contact number (neither for publication) will be considered. As a rule, letters which have already been published elsewhere, either in print or electronically, will not be considered. Pseudonyms are not accepted.

General Switchboard: (021) 488 4911 (021) 488 4911
Gasant Abarder – Editor
Telephone: 021 488 4701 or email:
Aneez Salie – Deputy Editor
Telephone: 021 488- 4718 or email:
Tony Weaver – Assistant Editor (Opinion)
Telephone: 021 488 4776 or email:
Janet Heard – Assistant Editor (Head of news)
Telephone: 021 488 4640 or email:
Glenn Bownes – Content Editor
Telephone: 021 488 4732 or email:
A’Eysha Kassiem – News Editor
Telephone: 021 4884720 or email:
Ian Smit – Sports Editor
Telephone: 021 488 4631 or emal:
Michael Walker – Chief Photographer
Telephone: 021 488 4205 or email:
Jane Mayne – Arts Editor
Telephone: 021 488 4068 or email:
Liesl Van Der Schyff – Newsdesk assistant:
Telephone: 021 488 4713 or email:

General News email:

For a query about a PRINT subscription, use the following numbers depending on the region where the delivery takes place:
Durban (Daily News; Mercury; Independent on Saturday; Sunday Tribune; Isolezwe; Post): 031 308 2022  031 308 2022
Cape Town (Cape Times; Cape Argus; Weekend Argus – Saturday and Sunday; Sunday Independent – Cape Delivery): 0800 220 770  0800 220 770
Johannesburg (Star; Saturday Star; Sunday Independent; Pretoria News; Pretoria News Saturday Edition): 0860 326 262  0860 326 262

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