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About Cape Argus:

Co-founded in 1857 by Saul Solomon, the Cape Argus is a daily newspaper published by Independent News & Media in Cape Town, South Africa. It is commonly referred to simply as “The Argus”.

Although not the first English-language newspaper in Southern African the Cape Argus was the first locally to use the telegraph for news gathering.

As of 2012, the Argus had a daily readership of 294 000, according to the South African Advertising Research Foundation’s All Media Products Survey (Amps) Newspaper Readership and Trends. Its circulation for the first quarter of 2013 was 33 247. Jermaine Craig is the executive editor of the Cape Argus. He replaced Gasant Abarder, who resigned in early 2013 to take up a post at Primedia in the Western Cape.

Estimated Readership for 2012
January – December 2012 – 294 000

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General Switchboard: 021 488 4911
Cape Town: Cape Argus – 0800 220 770

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Sandy Naude
Advertising Manager
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Retail Sales Manager
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Charl Reineke
Special Projects Manager Features
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