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About Die Son:

Die Son is an Afrikaans-language South African tabloid reporting sensational news. It is the South African newspaper with the largest increase in readership in recent years. The newspaper appears as a daily paper in some provinces and in other provinces as a weekly paper. The editorial seat is in Cape Town.

The English-language edition and the Afrikaans edition share most of the content both with news and advertisement in them, except differences such as the Page 3 girl feature that the English newspaper does not have.

The Sun Newspaper sees everything and publish it for all the readers out there. We are a newspaper that you can be sure of to find news about anything.

The folowing gategories you can find in the Sun Newspaper are:
Home,  Demographics, Circulation, Readership, Rate Cara and a Contact Us page, Twitter and Mobi.

Readership nommers in 2011:
Western Cape:
912,000 with the most percentage of 48.78 coulerd readers

Eastern Cape:
137,000 with the most percentage of 86.26 black readers

Northern Cape:
25,000 with the most percentage of 50.35 black readers and a high percentage of 40.31 coulerd readers

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