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Die Burger

About Die Burger:

Die Burger is a daily Afrikaans-language newspaper.
Along with Beeld and Volksblad, it is one of three broadsheet dailies in the Media24 stable.


On 18 December 1914, sixteen prominent Afrikaners gathered in Stellenbosch to discuss the establishment of a national newspaper. With considerable financial support from local philanthropists Jannie and Christiaan Marais, the project soon got off the ground, with the founding of de Nasionale Pers (“the National Press”) and the selection of Dr. D. F. Malan as editor of its daily paper, De Burger (Dutch for “The Citizen”). The first issue was published on 26 July 1915.

Die Burger was originally published in Dutch. In 1916, the first Afrikaans-language articles were published. In 1921, the newspaper’s Dutch title (De Burger) was translated into Afrikaans (Die Burger). From than it stayd Die Burger language in Afrikaans.

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